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National Novel Writing Month seems like it has been around for ages. (Actually, I just checked their website. It started in 1999, picking up in popularity with each subsequent year). It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do, but every year I have found numerous excuses as to why I simply could not. “I’m too busy!” “Too much work!” “I’m traveling!” “It’s my birthday month!” etc. etc.

The truth is, I was too scared. Despite it being a dream of mine to complete a novel, I was too afraid of throwing my name in the ring and actually committing to it. Last year, I got a step closer. I thought to myself “Well, I won’t officially sign up, but I’ll still write a novel.” And I worked on Winter Wilder during the month of November.

But did I finish a complete novel? No.

Because nothing was holding me accountable, there was nothing at stake. No one ever had to know that I didn’t reach the goal that I had set out to accomplish. And if there’s one thing I hate, it’s falling short of my goals. Especially when I’m the only one to blame.

Now that I’ve finished Winter Wilder, I realize that completing a novel isn’t as big and scary as I always thought. Seeing as how WW is currently around 100k, writing 50k in a month seems perfectly reasonable. That’s an average of 2000 words a day. I can do that!

So this is the year that I’ve decided to officially sign up and complete a new novel. I will share my progress as I go along. And since I am extremely motivated by deadlines, I think I have a good shot it, now that I have publicly declared my intention to meet said deadline.

I already know what idea I’m going to write about… but I’ll save that for my next post. In the meantime, I encourage you to join NaNoWriMo and buddy me so we can follow each other’s progress and cheer each other on!

My username is taniadelrio. Let’s do this!

This article was written by Tania